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Automated Price Management with Price Set Schedules in OnTime

OnTime price set schedules can help you manage complex price structures and speed up order entry. Customize the availability of your service levels, or price sets, with OnTime’s price set schedules.

If an order is placed during a time that is outside of your schedule’s defined times, the associated price set will not be visible or selectable from your Customer Web Portal or OnTime Dispatch order entry screens. Pricing specials that occur weekly or on specific dates, such as holiday discounts, can be easily defined and automatically implemented with price set schedules.

A due date offset can be optionally defined with price set schedules. This offset will determine the expected amount of time between order placement and order delivery. For example, the shipment will be delivered by 11 AM on the next business day. With this tool, you can input guaranteed delivery times for your dispatchers and customers to reference.


Organize your pricing structure automatically in OnTime with preferences and settings that you control. See Step 4: Configure Pricing in Chapter Two of the OnTime User Guide for detailed information about setting up your price set schedules.

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