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Enabling OnTime GPS Transmission on a Blackberry

OnTime can work with Blackberry devices to transmit GPS locations. Because OnTime Mobile Web operates primarily through web browsers, some configuration may be necessary to ensure that a Blackberry successfully transmits location information.

How to configure the Blackberry web browser to allow GPS tracking:

  1. Open the Browser.
  2. Open the browser's main menu.
  3. Choose Options > General Properties.
  4. Ensure that the Enable JavaScript Location support option is checked. Save changes and return to the browser home page.
  5. Log in to the OnTime Mobile Web application in the browser and you will be prompted with a message box asking permission. Check the box labeled Remember my decision for this site and then click the Allow button. OnTime will automatically transmit the device’s current location once every 60 seconds.

The Blackberry device may have settings that cause it to power down automatically if the user is not interacting with the device for a certain period of time. To work around this power saving feature, try the following:

  • Adjust the power settings to prevent the device from turning off automatically.
  • Load a third party application to control the prevention of certain applications turning off. Leave It On is an example of an app that may help.
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