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Essential Features for Pharmacy Delivery Software

A pharmacy courier service delivers a package

In the past year, as the global demand for medical supplies has rapidly increased, healthcare couriers have worked tirelessly to keep up. Many pharmacy businesses and enterprises are launching their own pharmacy delivery systems in order to keep pace.

The high standards and extensive regulations that the healthcare industry requires can be a barrier to entry that is difficult to overcome without the right tools. For example, medical deliveries often contain sensitive information.

Here are four ways that OnTime can help to bring your pharmacy delivery service to the next level.

Customer Notifications

Because of the fast-paced and changing environment of the medical industry, communication with your clients and within your company must be dependable and accurate.

OnTime allows you to create custom notifications that can be set up to go out automatically.

For example, you might use email notifications to alert your customers when their order is on its way, or you could message your driver when a new shipment is assigned to them.

Software Integrations

A solution with API capabilities allows you to connect your courier software with pharmacy management or accounting software.

For example, when using the OnTime API, it’s possible to automate the movement of data directly from your delivery software to your pharmacy management software. This eliminates mistakes introduced by manual entry.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulatory standards, such as HIPAA in the United States, is a requirement for courier services working with pharmacies.

OnTime helps you maintain compliance even while performing deliveries. Data being transmitted to and from the OnTime Mobile app is encrypted for security and customer data is always kept private.

Audit Deliveries

The best software solutions will give you access to a history of changes made to records, including orders, customers, payments, and invoices. This feature makes it possible to do an extensive audit of individual deliveries.

Professional delivery software can help bring your company into compliance and make it possible to provide a high-level of service to clients in the healthcare industry. Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more.

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