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Importance of Values and Ranges

What is the Value?

The value is one of the most essential components of every price modifier. The value represents the amount that will eventually be used to calculate a price, usually the amount to charge for the price modifier. The value is, in most cast, an amount of money and can be a positive or negative number and may contain decimal places.

Costing in courier software

Using the Value field

Depending on the action of your price modifier, you may wish to use the value field to achieve different results. If the action is a Flat Amount, you may be charging a flat rate of $2 for this price modifier. If you are using an Incremental Overage Amount, you may be charging $2 for every 10 pounds on shipments using this price modifier. In both cases, the value entered should be 2.

When using some actions, the value will be represented by a percentage. In these cases, the value should be entered as a whole number, not as a fraction of one. For example, if you are using an action type of Flat Percentage to calculate and charge a flat 10% in tax, you would enter a value of 10.

What is a Range?

When using an overage type action in a price modifier, a range can be specified using thresholds to indicate when the price modifier should be used and when it should be ignored. The range can be positive or negative numeric values and may contain decimal places.

The range will be compared against whatever you have chosen for the watch value to determine if the price modifier applies. Ranges are especially useful when you wish to create a modifier that only generates a price on orders when certain criteria are met.

Range of prices in dispatching software

Using Ranges to Set up Tiered Pricing

As mentioned above, ranges can be used to create modifiers that have certain requirements to apply to a shipment. If you wish to create a tiered pricing structure, you can use ranges to help achieve your desired results.

For example, if you wish to have an advanced tier of pricing and service, you can create multiple price modifiers. When using this tier, you may wish for certain charges and services to apply, such as white glove service or insurance. You may also wish to ensure that this option is only applicable if the Declared Value is over $100. Using this method in conjunction with groups can allow you to create complex, tiered pricing structures that automatically calculate in the background.

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