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Now Available: OnTime Mobile for iOS and Android

We are pleased to announce the release of the new OnTime Mobile app for iOS and Android. We’ve designed and built these apps to be faster and more dependable than ever before.

OnTime Mobile gives couriers the tools they need in the field. Process your assigned orders and keep in constant communication with dispatch. What are some of the new features your delivery drivers can look forward to?

Keep dispatch informed where you are at, when you are available, and when you expect that to change. Great for independent contractors!

Save photos with an order at collection, delivery, or any stage in between.

Capture signatures using the touchscreen on your device.

Make adjustments to an order while on the go, without contacting dispatch.

Access the unassigned order list to assign an order to yourself, or transfer to another driver.

Let dispatch know where you are with accurate and consistent location tracking.

Use the camera on your device to quickly read a barcode from any label. The app will find the corresponding order on your list and offer appropriate actions.

Use Google Maps or Apple Maps to plot a route from your current position to the address of your next stop.

Continue to work quickly with or without an internet connection. Features continue to work even when offline and will automatically synchronize the results once an internet connection becomes available.

Data is transmitted to and from the app securely with encryption.

These exciting new features are available across all subscription plans, from Standard to Enterprise. Keep on the lookout for details on the benefits of each feature in future posts.

Download the app to your device and increase productivity today.

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  • Skymark

    9/23/2018 9:34:41 AM |

    Need file for TABLET

    • OnTime Support

      9/24/2018 6:18:54 AM |

      We're not quite sure we understand your comment or question. OnTime Mobile works great on tablets, both iPads and Android tablets. If you are asking how to install OnTime Mobile on a tablet, you can do so by visiting the AppStore or Google Play on the tablet. Search for OnTime 360 and you should find the app, which can be installed for free. Feel free to contact our customer service department if you need additional assistance.

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