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OnTime API and ASP.NET WebHooks Receivers

Microsoft has made it easier than ever to integrate a web site or application with the OnTime API Webhook feature. This makes efficient, real-time, two-way communication a reality for anyone using the OnTime API.

What are webhooks?

A webhook is like an API endpoint, but reversed, allowing web sites, apps, and software systems to receive output from OnTime. Instead of making a call to the OnTime API, users define a callback URL that OnTime will HTTP POST information to as events occur. That callback URL can then execute code based on those POSTs. Webhooks are compatible with virtually any programming language, website, or software system.

What can this do for your business?

Acting on changes quickly can be important to your business and open up new opportunities. Imagine a potential customer who offers you the contract if you have the technology to update their software system immediately when a change occurs in your OnTime account. A webhook makes that possible.

ASP.NET WebHooks Receivers

Microsoft has introduced a new library on GitHub that makes interacting with webhooks simple, on-premises or in the cloud. ASP.NET WebHooks Receivers are open source and work with ASP.NET Web API 2 and ASP.NET MVC 5.

These tools make some seriously powerful scenarios possible. Learn more about using these free tools from Microsoft.

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