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Reduce a Pricing Matrix by Merging Zones

When zone-based pricing is used, an unruly number of zones may be created. Fortunately, those zones can be consolidated. Starting in OnTime version 2.3.1002 zones you may easily merge zones, while OnTime takes care of the heavy lifting. If thousands of addresses and locations have been tied to a zone, you needn't go through and manually change those locations to a new zone. OnTime can automatically re-assign and consolidate zones for you.

  • To take advantage of this feature, open OnTime Management Suite and click on the Locations area. Ensure that the Zones list is displayed.
  • To merge multiple zones into a single zone, select the zones from the list to be merged and then right-click them and choose Merge.
  • The resulting window will ask for a name for the new zone created by this merge.
  • If any of the merged zones had been previously associated with locations or addresses, you may instruct OnTime to automatically update those locations by ensuring that the Automatically update locations to use the new merged zone box is checked.
  • Click OK to merge the selected zones into a new zone and remove the old zones.

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