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5 Keys to Better Route Management

5 Keys to Better Route Management

In the delivery industry, time is money. To stay competitive, delivery companies are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and cut costs. Route management software is one of the best ways of doing so.

Here are five key ways that OnTime's route management software can help your delivery company to lower operational costs, run more efficiently, and bring in more revenue.

Route Scheduling

Handling recurring orders is a time-consuming process. A good dispatcher can save you hours of work each month, but route scheduling software can eliminate the time spent assigning recurring routes. OnTime’s route management software can also make driver assignment suggestions for orders based on your drivers’ current location. This can help you to update delivery routes quickly when new orders are pouring in.

Order Entry

Order entry requires a high level of speed and accuracy. Every customer has unique needs, such as custom pricing and notifications. Route management software gives you the tools you need to improve your order entry process. OnTime’s software allows dispatchers to look up customers by name, account number, or address. OnTime also offers pricing tools that automatically calculate customer-specific rates during order entry.

Driver Tracking

In order for your dispatchers to make informed driver assignments, it's important that they have real-time updates. With OnTime, you can immediately see which drivers are currently clocked in, where they are located, what assignments they have queued up, and more. This functionality can help you to balance your drivers’ workloads and run your company more efficiently.

Location Management

Delivery businesses need to keep track of a lot of addresses, and it’s important that all the details are accurate. OnTime’s software gives you the ability to organize all your addresses in one database. An address validation feature helps guard against typos and ensures that you’re using real addresses. OnTime also has a proximity validation feature to help avoid misdeliveries. This feature allows you to check a driver's current position against an assigned collection and delivery location.

Route Optimization

Route optimization rearranges your driver’s stops so that they are as efficient as possible, which results in savings on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and hours worked. With OnTime, you can send optimized routes out to your drivers in a single click.

Ready to try out OnTime’s route management software? Contact us for more information.

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