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3 Benefits of Route Optimization Software

How to optimize your delivery routes

If you are new to route optimization, you’re probably aware that it has benefits, but you may still be unsure about the details. The concept of route optimization is simple—rearrange your delivery route stops into the best possible sequence. Route optimization software can help you take into account all the factors needed to do this process effectively.

What is Route Optimization Software?

Route optimization software greatly simplifies the optimization process. It rearranges your driver’s stops so that they are as efficient as possible, taking into account factors such as driver schedules, traffic data, geography, and more. On top of that, it allows you to set up and send out fully optimized routes in just a few clicks.

Can You Manually Plan Routes?

Most companies agree that manually planning routes is not the best use of their time. Doing so takes a lot of time, and even when planned carefully, manually organized routes are rarely perfect.

Planning routes manually becomes increasingly difficult as your team, order volume, and business grows. The more route stops you have, the more time your dispatcher or driver must devote to planning their daily route. Businesses that schedule their routes manually run the risk of dramatically increasing fuel, personnel, and maintenance costs.

3 Advantages of Route Optimization Software

This is where a software solution comes in. Route optimization software uses an algorithm to automatically find the best possible route for you in a matter of seconds.

Here are three advantages of route optimization software:

Save time 

With smart route optimization, you organize entire routes for your drivers ahead of time, so there’s no time spent between deliveries to determine the next stop. But the biggest time-saver is a better-optimized route, saving you miles driven and time on the road. Here is an example that demonstrates just how much time you can save with route optimization. We’ll be comparing an unoptimized route, where the route stops were sequenced in the order they were entered, to a route optimized by OnTime 360: 

An unoptimized route in San Francisco with 8 orders and 16 total stops took 9 hours 6 minutes to complete. When optimized by OnTime 360, this route took 5 hours and 47 minutes to complete. This amounts to 3 ½ hours saved.

Route optimization software considers delivery time windows, geography, and more. These additional factors can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of route optimization. Your drivers' skills and experience are very valuable. Route optimization software provides your dispatchers and drivers with the tools they need to bring your delivery service to the next level.

Reduce costs

Route optimization software leads to less time spent on the road, which results in savings on fuel, personnel, and vehicle maintenance. Businesses can see a 20% to 40% reduction in fuel costs and drive time when using route optimization. Even established businesses have seen significant benefits from upgraded route optimization. For example, a recent improvement to the UPS route optimization system led to a reduction in the distance of driver routes by an average of two to four miles per driver.

Improve the dispatching process

A smart route optimization system can save dispatchers hours of planning and allow them to focus on improving other areas of the business.

OnTime’s route optimization is fully integrated into its delivery software solution. There is no need to import and export route data between programs. Direct integration with OnTime’s mobile app means that optimized routes can be sent to drivers with a single click. 

With OnTime’s route optimization, there is no monthly fee, and it’s easily integrated into your workflow. Ready to try it out? Contact us for more information.

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