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Advanced Technologies in OnTime

Advancements in modern technology have dramatically altered the expectations of your customers; they have become accustomed to having real-time information at their fingertips. Further advancements are enabling carriers to manage their resources more efficiently than ever. If your company is not taking full advantage of the technology available today, significant business opportunities and profits may pass you by. 

The Internet is an integral part of any connected system. This communication channel enables real-time information about your entire operation to be accessible and affected by management, drivers, dispatchers, and customers. A connection to this information will help you to provide unparalleled services and benefits to current and potential customers, ensuring loyalty and continued growth.

Often, “web applications” are suggested as sources of reliable connectivity. A web application is, essentially, just a web page. While these applications have many advantages over traditional server-based systems, many problems and limitations are also inherent. OnTime's Smart Clients employ superior technology to traditional server-based systems and web applications. 

Our Smart Client Technology combines the productivity and performance of desktop applications with the real-time connectivity of the Internet. Our Courier Delivery Program and Management program are not just web pages, but applications run on your local computer, thus providing a rich and responsive experience to users. At the same time, the OnTime programs automatically exchange real-time data via the Internet to other users, partners, and customers.

OnTime Smart Client technology offers incomparable reliability. If you temporarily lose your connection to the Internet, OnTime will gracefully fall into offline mode. While you may lose access to real-time updates for a short time, critical business functions will still be accessible.

We designed the OnTime Suite of applications to be suited to position-specific tasks and functions. Utilizing the capabilities of the Internet to its fullest, OnTime's Smart Client technology enables you to offer unparalleled service to your customers.

OnTime offers a smart way to help your company achieve growth by utilizing advanced technological tools.

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