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Two additional approaches to mobile computing with OnTime

The vital link with your people in the field is accomplished through OnTime Mobile. In addition to OnTime Mobile Web’s rich HTML5 interface and native apps for smartphones, there are two other ways that driver data can be accessed in the field: The Windows Mobile 5/6 platform and WAP enabled devices.

Windows Mobile 5/6
A robust method of access is with a Windows Mobile 5, 6, or 6.5 enabled phone. These are also referred to as Pocket PC devices. You have access to a wide range of the data that may be needed in the field, such as customer and address lookup. Since the screens on these devices are larger, we can fit a lot more information on them at one time without having to scroll around. The largest advantage of the Pocket PC phones is that OnTime can run an offline database which allows the driver to fade in and out of cell service without ever missing a beat. Other features, such as the ability to capture digital signatures, are only available on the Pocket PC because of it's touch screen nature. Smart synchronization efficiently moves data back and forth in a way that conserves data bandwidth, a plus for those with data plans that are metered.

WAP Enabled Devices
Many other cell phones support wireless application protocol (WAP) to display web content. Even many "free" phones support this technology, so it is not difficult to make this available to your drivers. OnTime Mobile supports 10 different variations of WAP, which means that it will work and look its best on every device on the market today. You will get most of the same information as you see in the Pocket PC version, but there are some limitations. For instance, you will not have the ability to capture digital signatures since there will generally be no touch screen available. Another drawback is the need to be online all the time. Since WAP requires a constant internet connection, you will need at anytime you want to refresh data. So while the experience is not as comprehensive, it is an affordable, and in many cases, sufficient alternative to more expensive PDA phones.

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