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Instant Notification Support

OnTime Mobile can instantly send and receive notifications regarding modifications made to order assignment and status. Instant updates eliminate the necessity for frequent synchronizations to access changes made in the system.

This new feature is fully integrated on devices with the Windows Mobile 5/6 operating system. If you are using a device with the Windows Mobile 2003 or 2003 SE operating system, notifications will appear but not be integrated into OnTime. Before attempting to use any new features, ensure that copies of OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Mobile are up-to-date.

The instant update feature may be implemented on a user-by-user basis, allowing you to only activate the feature for users that have compatible devices. To offer a user access to the feature, open the OnTime Management Suite and select the users section. Check the option to enable SMS text messaging notifications for the user and enter the SMS address for the user. Every carrier has a different setup for the SMS addresses, so if you are not sure of the appropriate SMS email address, contact the user's cell carrier. The address will usually be formatted like "6781231234@messaging.sprintpcs.com."

Note: Because these notifications are sent via text message, any fees for text messages on cellular plans will apply. One or two text messages are commonly sent per order. When planning text message volume, ensure that you are aware overage charges

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