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Push Notifications within OnTime Mobile

Push notifications within OnTime Mobile

We are happy to announce that the new OnTime Mobile apps for iOS and Android support push notifications. Push notifications are a faster and more reliable method of transmission than notifications sent via email and SMS text message. This helps provide the assurance your dispatchers need. Push notifications are sent directly to the driver’s device. You can be confident that your drivers receive all notifications they are issued with the most up-to-date information.

Whereas receiving a traditional SMS text message requires a connection to your mobile cell provider; push notifications can be received across any internet connection. If OnTime Mobile has access to any internet connection, such as mobile data service or WiFi, push notifications can be received. If your driver's phone is turned off or set to airplane mode, push notifications are staged and delivered the next time the phone is powered on.

Additionally, push notifications allow more customization, with up to 1,500 characters permitted. SMS messages are typically limited to around 160 characters.

Instead of forcing generic notifications upon you, OnTime's Workflow Notification Designer is a powerful tool for customizing notifications. Push notifications are built and customized within this tool, allowing a wide array of options. You customize push notifications to behave in the way you want, containing the information you want.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve communication between your workforce. The availability of push notifications within OnTime Mobile is another example of OnTime's commitment to your success.

Comments (3) -

  • Jeff

    3/28/2018 3:18:19 AM |

    Testing the mobile app, and one thing my drivers are requesting, is the ability to view their past deliveries.

    • OnTime Sales and Support

      3/28/2018 3:38:58 AM |

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your feedback. Depending on your requirements, there may be other ways to get a list of previous orders to your drivers. Contact us by phone or submit our online form with your requirements and we'll be glad to offer assistance.

      - OnTime Sales and Support

  • Rudy

    4/20/2018 8:51:55 PM |

    Very Nice.
    But if you don't tell us how to install, use or set up, the blog has no purpose other than "Yeah look....a new feature"!
    Need to know how to set up please!
    Thanks heaps

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