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Use OnTime Mobile with Your Current Devices

To use OnTime Mobile, you will not need to purchase new and expensive phones or tablets. Because of our extensive compatibility, your drivers can likely use the OnTime Mobile application with the devices that they already have and know how to use.

OnTime Mobile runs on 7 different platforms, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android. Our notification features can even be used with pagers. The WAP version of OnTime Mobile will work with virtually any phone with the internet and a browser, while the Web version is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets.

Courier software on iPhone

Management and dispatching staff can access OnTime Mobile functions and features directly from the OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch desktop applications. This way, managers and dispatchers who perform test functions only do not need to install the courier app on the mobile devices at all; they can access the features from their desktop computers.

Give your drivers access to the tools that they need to complete their assignments and communicate effectively with OnTime Mobile. From their current devices, they can access company data in real-time for up-to-the-minute information.

Our continuous updates to the OnTime Mobile application ensure that it is always functional and useful for your delivery business. The application is included with your Standard or higher OnTime account and available to all of your users at no extra charge. Find out more about OnTime Mobile installation here.

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