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OnTime Subscription Plan Comparison

OnTime courier software is available on a subscription basis with no contracts or long term commitments required. We have designed our four subscription plans to scale to fit with and to meet the needs of most delivery businesses.

Every plan comes equipped with our 30-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Compare our dispatch software plans’ features here.

OnTime courier software Basic subscription plan

The OnTime Basic plan has been designed to keep costs minimal, while providing you with a variety of integral features that will improve your company’s efficiency and management. You also receive unlimited technical support from our expert team via email and full access to our extensive support library.

Dispatching, order entry, messaging, pricing, and tracking features are all available to you and your dispatchers with a Basic subscription. The WAP OnTime Mobile application will empower your drivers to connect with the rest of your company, encouraging them to improve internal communications.

The Basic plan is recommended for smaller or start-up companies that require courier software functions and features on a day-to-day basis.

OnTime courier software Standard subscription plan

The Standard plan includes all of the Basic plans’ features, applications, and services. Your Standard subscription also includes more OnTime Mobile applications and features, as well as the addition of unlimited telephone support from our Customer Support team.

The Standard plan is recommended for companies that require drivers to complete numerous and varied tasks daily, while maintaining communication with other staff members.

OnTime courier software Professional subscription plan

The Professional plan includes everything that the Standard plan accesses, plus more employee time tracking options and route features. The Professional plan also comes equipped with QuickBooks integration, which offers you several complex invoicing options.

The Professional plan is recommended for companies that require detailed company records and prefer quick, easy access to that information.

OnTime courier software Enterprise subscription plan

The Enterprise subscription plan is equipped with the Professional plan’s features and functions. The Enterprise plan also includes vehicle management, report authoring, and data mining features. The OnTime Customer Web Portal and the OnTime API ( based on SOAP based XML Web Services) come with the Enterprise plan, as well.

The Enterprise plan is recommended for businesses that require advanced courier software features and extensive company records. Enterprise subscribers often wish to provide high quality, automated customer service tools to their customers.

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