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Customer Order Entry and Tracking in the OnTime Customer Web Portal

OnTime provides an array of customer service tools, including the customizable OnTime Customer Web Portal. You may place a log in form directly on your website, or post a link, to give your customers access to order entry, price quoting, real-time tracking, and other tools. OnTime and the Customer Web Portal are always updating and adding new features, so you can be sure that you are always providing the best online customer service.

Courier dispatch software customer portal

Order Entry

The OnTime Customer Web Portal gives your customers the ability to create their own orders, at any time and from anywhere. They can enter an order’s information to submit the order into your system, or to simply generate a quick price quote.

When entering an order into OnTime via the Customer Web Portal, your customers will be able to enter locations, as well. A personal address book will be available to each customer, containing the locations that they use. These locations will also be available to your dispatchers for quick order entry.


Customers can track their current orders and view past orders from the Tracking section of the OnTime Customer Web Portal. Tracking information, such as assigned driver or recipient signature, can be viewed from here.

The tracking section will display order information in real-time, so your customers can find out where in the shipping process their order is at any time, without needing to contact you.

And more

Other features, such as report generation, are available to your customers with your OnTime Customer Web Portal. For more information, see the courier service software feature list.

For customers that would like a user guide for the portal, we have prepared the OnTime Customer Web Portal User Guide. Freely distribute this document to your customers so that they can take full advantage of your portal.

The Customer Web Portal is included with OnTime Enterprise accounts. To test the portals’ functions and features, sign up for a 14 day OnTime Trial.

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  • faisal ahmed

    9/10/2016 10:07:34 AM |

    Hi, i would like to know

    When clients enters order the web portal is there a way i could approve or reject this order as a delivery company ?

    Please advise

    • Admin

      9/13/2016 9:17:23 AM |

      We definitely have options to accomplish that, depending on your current workflow. Our support department will be more than happy to walk you through the options.

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