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New Web Site Applet Gives Your Customers Faster Access to the OnTime Customer Web Portal

When you use OnTime’s Web Site Applets, such as the Price Estimator Applet or the Tracking Applet, your customers can instantly access information about their orders with your company. With the new Log In Form applet, your customers will be able to log in to your OnTime Customer Web Portal directly from your website.


This form will give your customers the fastest, most convenient access to your Web Portal, where they receive the best customer service. Instead of signing in from a separate application or page, customers will be able to log in from your website, wherever you place the form.

Place the Log In Form anywhere on your website by simply copy-and-pasting the code automatically generated by OnTime. To get that code, click on the Tools tab in OnTime Management Suite, then choose Web Site Applets. Click the link under Customer Web Portal Log In Form in the resulting window and OnTime will generate the necessary code.


The OnTime Customer Web Portal and its Log In Form applet are included with Enterprise and higher subscription plans. Buy or upgrade your OnTime account to give your customers seamless service.

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