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Dimensional Weight and Pricing in OnTime

Some shipments are best priced by distance, others by weight, and most by a combination of charges. Because of the virtually unlimited factors that can affect the cost of shipments, OnTime is as flexible as your pricing needs to be.

In situations when both the weight and the volume of a shipment will affect the cost and pricing of that delivery, dimensional weight is commonly used to help calculate price. OnTime’s DIM Factor Generator (dimensional factor) and price modifiers make factoring dimensional weight into prices a painless process.


OnTime’s DIM Factor Generator can help you to automatically determine appropriate dimensional weight factors for your shipments. The DIM Factor provided by the generator can be used in overage type price modifiers, which can be included in your pricing structure. When that dimensional weight factor needs to be considered for your pricing, you can apply the appropriate price set to the order and OnTime will automatically calculate the accurate price, factoring in the shipment’s dimensional weight.


The parameters that you set will determine why and how OnTime calculates prices, ensuring absolute accuracy. Whether offering price quotations or dispatching orders, your customers will be provided with the most accurate, efficient, and reliable pricing possible.

Easy to set up and easier to use – OnTime smart courier software can help you to control your pricing structure and improve your delivery business. Contact us to find out more.

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