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Zone Lookup Tables in OnTime

As discussed in our last post about dimensional weight, OnTime delivery software provides the tools that your courier business needs to create and implement your flexible pricing structure. Like dimensional weight, OnTime’s Zone Lookup Tables give you deeper control over your pricing and allow further flexibility.

When using zone based pricing in OnTime, Zone Lookup Tables can be used to offer complex rates that vary based on the zones involved. Create, manage, and adjust your Zone Lookup Tables in the OnTime Management Suite.


Each cell in each Lookup Table represents the value used for the two zones labeling the corresponding column and row. You may fill individual cells in Zone Lookup Tables manually or by copy-and-pasting from your own rate sheets in Excel. You can also adjust all cells in in a Zone Lookup Table at once, based on a fixed percent or a flat amount.


The values placed in Zone Lookup Tables can be included throughout your pricing structure as needed, ensuring that your prices are always accurate. Gain greater control over your business and its flexibility by using OnTime to manage and calculate your prices. Learn how to setup and use Zone Lookup Tables and OnTime’s other diverse pricing tools in the OnTime User Guide.

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