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Using OnTime with Tablets

The portability, convenience, and array of available applications available for tablets have made them a popular device among many courier businesses. OnTime courier software and its applications are compatible with most tablet types. Review the information in this post to determine how you can use your tablet to access the OnTime features and functions that you need.

For Drivers

The OnTime Mobile application offers an array of features for drivers, such as tracking and messaging. The mobile application is compatible with essentially all tablet types, including iOS (iPad), Android, Windows 8, and Windows RT.

All of the features that are made available to drivers in OnTime Mobile on their phones will be functional on their tablets, as well. The OnTime Mobile application will adapt to high dpi displays, such as retina displays, ensuring that the application looks and performs in the best way on each device.

For Managers and Dispatchers

OnTime’s desktop applications, OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch, provide features tailored to managers and dispatchers, respectively. Both applications require the Windows operating system.

Note: Tablets running Windows RT will not work. Windows RT is a version of Windows that does not support desktop applications, such as OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch.

Using these applications on tablets can allow management and dispatching functions to be executed from the field, as needed. The applications can adapt to your tablet’s touchscreen input and scale to high resolution displays.

Some tablets that have been tested and found to work well with OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch include:

Surface Pro by Microsoft for delivery software

Surface Pro by Microsoft

Yoga 2 Pro by Lenovo for courier software

Yoga 2 Pro by Lenovo


Miix 2 by Lenovo

In the field and on-the-go access to OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch may be also be achieved using Windows laptops and netbooks (see our System Requirements for details).

OnTime users who require access to either OnTime Management Suite or OnTime Dispatch via a tablet that is not running Windows can make use of remote access tools from providers such as LogMeIn and GoToMyPC. These tools will allow you to interact with OnTime as it runs on your desktop computer by using your tablet and its touchscreen controls.

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