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Improving Your Customer Service: Beyond the OnTime Customer Web Portal

In our last post, we discussed the customer service improvements that the OnTime Customer Web Portal offers. Along with the Web Portal, OnTime’s programs provide your employees with a number of useful tools that can help to quickly satisfy your customers’ needs.

Tracking Orders and Drivers

OnTime Dispatch allows users to track orders in real time. Your employees can offer this information to customers at their request, at anytime. From OnTime Mobile, your drivers can input up-to-date information about orders, such as order status. OnTime Dispatch users can message OnTime Mobile users through our programs, allowing for optimal communications. All of this information ensure that your collections and deliveries are assigned appropriately, handled properly, and completed on time. 

Price Quotations

From OnTime Dispatch’s order entry screen, quick and accurate price quotations can be created at your customers’ request. These quotes can be saved to enter into the system later, improving order entry efficiency.

Quick Views

Saved searches, called Quick Views, can also be created using our Advanced Search function to find orders and information anytime. When customers request such information, your employees will be able to fulfill those requests immediately.

Manage Your Employees

OnTime Management Suite gives your administrative users access to employee management tools. These tools can be used to ensure that customers are serviced at the right times, in the right places, and by the right people.

Report Generation and Delivery

Reports can be generated, printed, faxed, or emailed from your OnTime programs. If your customers ever require reference to detailed information, your employees can do so. Additionally, the Workflow Designer can be used to automate the sending of these reports, saving your employees’ valuable time.

OnTime's programs and features can help your employees provide the best possible customer service. Which OnTime tools do you find most useful for managing and automating your customers’ satisfaction?

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