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OnTime’s International Features

OnTime provides international customers with the tools and support that they need, anywhere in the world. As of August 2015, OnTime is successfully used as courier management software by active companies in 132 countries around the world.

International Courier Software

As a part of our international support, OnTime will use your local time zone, helping to avoid confusion or conflicts. This feature will help you to be sure that your company’s scheduling and records are always accurate.

Regional localization support adapts to the user’s local setting and format for currency and dates. Without the need for manual adjustments, all information and records that you use with OnTime will be accurate and appropriate for you and your customers.

OnTime is equipped with full Unicode support, meaning that you can use any language, including Arabic and Chinese. No matter what country or language your business operates in, OnTime can help you to improve your efficiency and manage your shipments.

Technical support is included for every OnTime subscriber. If you ever encounter any difficulties, our expert support agents are available to assist.

OnTime’s international support sets us apart from any competing software. With two years of research and development invested in OnTime’s international support and nearly 300 regions formally supported, you can be sure that OnTime will work for you, wherever you are.

For more information about OnTime’s international availability and support, contact us now.

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