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OnTime 360 and International Support

OnTime 360 is successfully used as courier management software by companies in more than 150 countries. OnTime has been designed according to the global demand and formally supports nearly 300 different regions spanning across six continents.

International Language Support

OnTime is designed to work internationally. The integrated Unicode support allows the users to input their data in the language of their choice. Although the OnTime interface is currently only available in U.S. English, the Unicode compliance enables you to enter information in any language, such as Arabic, Greek, and Latin-based scripts. From the names of the customers to important memos – all the entered information will be displayed in the language you preferred.

International Date and Time Support

When using other courier management programs available in the market, users often complain that consumers receive reports that display a different time zone than their local time. This can be a significant problem. However, with OnTime, there’s no need to worry about time zones.

OnTime detects and uses the time zone and regional settings configured within your PC’s operating system, Microsoft Windows. OnTime 360 will automatically adjust the date and time settings based on the user’s local setting regardless of their time zone. If you entered information at 12:00 PM Eastern Time and sent it to your client who lives in a Pacific Time zone, the system will automatically display the time in the recipient’s time zone as 9:00 AM. This enhances the customer’s experience and prevents any misunderstandings that occur due to living in different time zones.

International Currency Support

OnTime can display currencies in nearly 300 supported regions from around the world. This includes the Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound, and Franc to name a few.

International Formatting

There are many other regional format settings that OnTime is designed to understand and use. The formatting of numbers will be localized for the user so that commas, decimal points, and spacing is consistent and familiar. Calendars from different regions are also supported, such as Gregorian, Hebrew, and Hijri.

With OnTime 360 international support, you can be assured that the software will work for you, regardless of your location. Implementing the system to your existing software is easy and fast. Try it now and see how this works for you and your company.

OnTime is a professional grade courier software solution. It is equipped with various applications that offer the necessary features to each part of your business. The delivery management software solution provided by OnTime 360 will help keep your company on schedule – anytime, anywhere.

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  • cart delivery services

    10/23/2019 12:13:35 PM |

    the software is not working in uganda east africa regarding the maps

    • JTilley

      10/23/2019 1:43:46 PM |

      OnTime should offer Google Maps coverage in Uganda. Please reach out to our customer support department, and a representative will be happy to help troubleshoot the problem with you. https://www.ontime360.com/customer-support

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