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Effective Food Delivery Software for Restaurants

OnTime restaurant and food delivery software

Restaurants that introduce a fast and effective delivery option experience a notable increase in their profit, reputation, and customer base. With OnTime 360, your delivery option can be brought to the next level by using our relevant features.

Food delivery services using OnTime as a platform can capitalize on the ability to own and control the technology stack. This means control of your brand and user experience, instead of sharing that control with technology providers such as Grubhub and Uber Eats.

Flexible Customization

Within OnTime, you can customize a variety of features to better serve your customers and complete your deliveries faster and more accurately. Notes can be added to customers to give drivers special instructions. Notifications can be created to inform your customers and staff of any changes or delays in orders. Zone based pricing can be used to manage different rates for distant areas of town and price sets can be used to include special pricing for certain customers, such as business accounts or hotels. Customizing your OnTime account is simple and can be done at any time.

Dispatching and Order Entry

Food orders need to be placed quickly and accurately to ensure that your customers receive their meals on time. OnTime Dispatch contains a variety of options that will streamline your order entry and dispatching process. Driver assignments will allow for multiple orders to be assigned for delivery on the same trip. Tracking options will inform you and your employees of any late orders. Communicate with your drivers on-the-go directly via messaging options. Special instructions can be added to orders, letting your kitchen staff and drivers know exactly what a customer needs and if a customer calls back, orders can be updated or changed in OnTime Dispatch by just a few keystrokes.

Online Ordering for Customers

In today’s fast-paced, mobile world, customers often prefer to have the option to order online. Enterprise and higher subscribers receive access to the OnTime Customer Web Portal, which empowers your customers to serve themselves via online order entry and other features. Your Customer Web Portal can be linked to your already existing website, allowing your customers to place and track orders from their computer or phone. The OnTime API allows you to take this further by introducing the ability to develop your own custom web or mobile application.

OnTime restaurant and food delivery software

Driver Options

OnTime 360 tracks your driver activity and can be used to keep your drivers in contact with your other employees. Driver fees, tips, amounts owed for orders, and delivery times can all be tracked to assess performance by your drivers. Other important information, such as insurance and license dates can be kept up-to-date under driver information. Drivers can also use OnTime Mobile to update order status and send messages.

Manage Customer Information

Your customer database is expansive and can be added to automatically during order entry. Customer information, such as email, phone number, and address will be collected and stored within this database. Information provided by OnTime 360’s reports can be used in conjunction with customer information to respond to customer complaints and execute advertising campaigns, such as emailing special offers to certain customers.

Contact us for more information on how we’ve helped other companies successfully adapt OnTime for the food delivery business.

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