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OnTime 360: Available Internationally; Supported Internationally

People are often curious about OnTime’s international capabilities. With our subscribers spread across six continents, we’ve implemented a number of automatic functions within OnTime to ensure that the system always works for every region.

International Language Support

OnTime 360 smart delivery management software is available across the globe, and our integrated Unicode support allows any language to be entered into the system.

Although OnTime’s UI will appear in English, you may use any language to input information. From Customer Names and Notes to User Defined Fields, all of that information will be displayed in the entered language, even if the text uses non-Latin based characters or runs left-to-right.


International Date and Time Representation

OnTime is considered the smart courier software because it automatically works with delivery businesses. One way the system does that is by detecting and using the regional settings found in Windows, then displaying date and time formats accordingly.

OnTime’s applications will automatically adjust date and time settings based on local settings, so if you create an invoice on a computer that uses a 12-hour clock, but print that invoice on a computer that uses a 24-hour clock, the printed invoice will use the 24-hour clock.

International Time Zone Support

In other courier management programs, if you enter information at 12:00 PM Eastern Time, that information will be time stamped as 12:00 PM, even in other time zones. OnTime 360 addresses time zones differently, allowing you to offer your customers a more personal experience.

Our applications each render everything locally for the viewer, based on their regional settings in Windows. For example, when your employees in Eastern Time see a 12:00PM time stamp, OnTime will automatically show 9:00AM to your customers who use Pacific Time.


International Currency Support

Again, OnTime intelligently detects and uses your local Windows regional settings to display the appropriate currency for your business. OnTime supports all major currencies.


We recommend consistency with the currency-type that you use across your OnTime account.

International Measurement Support

OnTime supports the use of any unit of length. As with currency, we recommend that you are consistent with whatever unit you choose.

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