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Free Price Estimate Applets for Your Web Page

When we introduced our free website applet that allows shippers to track their orders from your website, we promised that we had similar additions planned. We are pleased to announce OnTime's second free applet that can be used on any web page. The new applet allows your website visitors to enter two postal or zip codes and receive an automatic cost estimate for shipping with your company.

The Price Estimate applet is available to every user of OnTime delivery software, with any subscription plan.


To create this applet and add it to your web page, first set which pricing you want the estimator to use. Enter OnTime Management Suite and go to Tools > Web Site Applets. A window appear will appear:


Select the price set and type of pricing you want to use. You may also include a disclaimer that customers see with the price.

To generate the code for your website, click on the link labeled Generate price estimate form. Paste the code where you would like the price estimate applet to appear on your website. 

If you have any questions about this tool, feel free to contact technical support.

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