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Free Tracking Applets for Your Web Page

While OnTime already offers Enterprise subscribers robust and feature-rich tracking via the OnTime Customer Web Portal, this does require shippers to be set-up with an account and then log into the web portal to access these tracking features. If you need a simplified why to provide your customers with tracking and tracing, using OnTime’s web site tracking applet may be a great option. This makes it possible for your customers to enter a tracking number and get back immediate, real-time results of their order. The tracking applet is available, free of charge, for all subscription levels.


This small form may be inserted into any of your web pages. OnTime generates the necessary code that is then inserted into your web page by you or your website developer. This tracking applet will allow a shipper to enter their tracking number and receive real-time status information about their shipment. Even proof of delivery, including signatures at both collection and delivery points, will be displayed.

To integrate the tracking applet into your website, follow these steps:

  1. Open OnTime Management Suite.
  2. Select the Tools tab and choose Web Site Applets.
  3. Click on the Generate order tracking form link.
  4. Copy the generated code to the desired location on your web page. The code inserted by you or your website developer will automatically generate the form needed by shippers to track their orders.


If you have any questions about how to integrate this tool into your web site, feel free to contact technical support.

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