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OnTime 360: The First Courier Software Available in a Pure 64-Bit Version

In July of 2013, OnTime 360 became the first delivery management software of its kind and caliber available in a pure 64-bit version. At OnTime, we are always working to keep our services and clients up-to-date with the best available technologies. Of course, we also work to make our services available to our clients using their existing equipment, so OnTime is still available and fully functional in a 32-bit version.

About 64-bit processing

  • Standard in most new computers
  • Perform best with 64-bit software
  • Will run 32-bit software
  • Improved, efficient handling of RAM
  • Improved, efficient handling of large data
  • Improved, efficient multitasking

About OnTime 360 64-bit Version

We are the only courier software with a pure 64-bit connection to QuickBooks, which allows for more data to be sent faster between QuickBooks and OnTime applications. Data can be sent faster between Excel and OnTime, as well. 

Multitasking is vastly improved with 64-bit processors. Multiple programs may be run and switched between quickly and seamlessly, allowing you to simultaneously use OnTime Management Suite, OnTime Dispatch, QuickBooks, Excel, and whatever other programs you need, without issue.

Your move to the 64-bit version will be seamless. Our installer will auto-detect and choose the optimal version for your computer, so you don’t need to select between 64-bit or 32-bit.  All 64-bit improvements will automatically become available if your computer runs the 64-bit version.

Try, buy, or download OnTime 360 to see the 64-bit version for yourself.

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