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User Defined Fields in OnTime 360

OnTime 360 subscriptions offer a unique array of customizable features, such as an included set of User Defined Fields. With our User Defined Fields, you can input custom information about orders that will appear to all of your customers and users across OnTime. Each field can be named and used in the way that you desire.


User Defined Fields in OnTime Management Suite

While most courier software systems offer between zero and ten User Defined Fields, each OnTime subscription includes the ability to define up to 50 Custom Fields. The fields can hold four types of data: alphanumeric strings, numbers, dates, or Boolean values (true/false). OnTime's Custom Fields offer the flexibility to preserve the data that you truly need, at any moment.

These fields are not only available through the OnTime applications. In a recent update, we have integrated Custom Fields with our API, allowing you to make other software post information to or from your OnTime User Defined Fields. OnTime is the only courier software that offers API calls for Custom User Defined Fields.

Using OnTime's Custom Fields will allow our software to work even better with your delivery business. Our services scale with you, future-proofing your company and freeing you from software limitations. No other delivery software is as customizable as OnTime 360.

Learn more about the OnTime API or download OnTime now.

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