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Import Data to Your OnTime Account

With OnTime, you can save time by automatically importing mass amounts of data from CSV and Excel files. To import data to your OnTime account, simply open the Data tab in OnTime Management Suite, click on the Import Data button, and map OnTime's fields to your file's corresponding columns.

Courier software Excel data import

New subscribers to OnTime will find this feature especially useful while setting up an account. Older company data can be quickly brought into your OnTime account, without the need for manual entry. We provide import templates to help you to easily organize your data into a format that will work best with OnTime’s import data feature.

Current OnTime subscribers often use this feature on a daily basis for a variety of different tasks. If your customers have many shipments that will need to be entered into your OnTime account ahead of time, they can be collected in bulk as an ASN (advanced shipment notice) and imported all at once and all information will be automatically included in your account.

When importing information from customers who are in a different time zone than you, adjustments can be made to the dates and times during import. This way, OnTime automatically will rectify time zone differences between your customer and your company.

When shipment information needs to be quickly referenced, you can avoid the necessity of typing in tracking numbers by using barcode scanning. Scanning a barcode will automatically prompt OnTime to reference an order with the matching tracking number. To make sure the barcode scanner can provide instant results, be sure to acquire an ASN (mentioned above) file from your customers. This file can be quickly imported into OnTime, ensuring that your barcode scanning runs smoothly starting with the first scan.

If you need to create a large number of shipping labels for a customer based on a list of orders, OnTime can help you to do so quickly. Import the document that the customer has sent you into OnTime using the import data feature and select those orders from OnTime's Tracking View. Then, simply right-click and select the shipping label type that you require to print or email the labels for your customer automatically.

The import data feature can help OnTime users to greatly improve their overall efficiency. Bypass the need for manual entry, quickly access your data at any time, and store your data on OnTime’s secure cloud.

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