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OnTime 6 Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of OnTime version 6! This major update is packed with new features and quality of life changes, focusing on core system improvements, an improved interface, bolstered security, and implemented feedback from passionate OnTime users.

Download and try the new features today


This update is available without additional charge as part of an active OnTime subscription. Here are a few of the new features and improvements:


New Custom Report Designer

Now anyone can design custom reports using the all-new Custom Report Designer engine and interface. While previous versions of OnTime had the tools to build custom reports from scratch, those tools often required an experienced report author who could create SQL database queries. Starting with OnTime 6, the custom report authoring environment has been rewritten to be easier to use.

Open up a new report, and be guided through the process of creating a new report by the new report creation wizard.

There's no need to understand SQL queries, and all available database fields are presented in a visual click/drag-and-drop interface.

The new report designer is both capable and blazing fast. Over 500 pieces of information are available when designing a custom report, and additional functions and scripting exponentially increase the possibilities. Through the use of graphics card acceleration and extensive data access improvements, performance is outstanding. A 2,000-page report can be generated in less than 10 seconds.


Keep Multiple Reports Open in the Tracking View

Boost productivity with the ability to open, and keep open, multiple report previews at once within the Tracking view.


Simplified Ribbon Toolbar

Sometimes less is more. The new simplified toolbar can reduce visual clutter, allowing focus to remain on the data. Toggle the simplified toolbar by clicking the "up arrow" on the right side of the ribbon toolbar.


Modify Orders from the Unassigned Orders List

This is a small thing that will make a big difference to Dispatchers: View order details and save changes right from the Unassigned Orders list of the Dispatching view.


Global Setting Indicators

If you've ever wondered which OnTime settings apply to the entire company-wide account and which ones applied to your PC only, global setting indicators remove any doubt. Global company-wide settings are now clearly marked with a blue globe next to the setting or section of settings. This helps clarify which settings affect the local PC and which ones affect the entire account.


Full Support for Windows 11

Windows 11 will soon become the standard operating system for business computers. We've been developing and testing for months to ensure OnTime 6 works seamlessly on Windows 11 from day one. When your business starts using Windows 11, rest assured that OnTime 6 is 100% compatible.


Improved Performance and Faster Processing

Experience up to 20x faster performance and increased data file sizes with the new OnTime data access advancements. OnTime stores information locally within a data file to ensure quick access to your data, even without an internet connection. We are happy to introduce a new data file format that provides several enhancements:

  • Significant improvements to data access speed. In some cases, you'll see a 20x speed increase. This makes using OnTime faster and smoother than ever. Even PCs with slower hard drives will see a jump in performance due to specialized optimizations for non-SSD equipped PCs.
  • Access all records without data file size restrictions. Users with large amounts of data will appreciate this enhancement since there had been a 4GB limit to the amount of data stored locally, and now there is no such limitation.
  • Added protection against data loss or corruption. Enhanced logging helps ensure that all data is safe and recoverable, even in the event of a power failure.


Visual Improvements

Users of OnTime Management Suite and Dispatch spend most of their workday within those applications. Our users have logged over 60 million man-hours (that's 6,900 years) within these two OnTime programs alone! Any changes we can make to improve the visual design of those applications have a powerful impact on our users' day-to-day work.

Refreshed iconography across the applications brings a more modern and cohesive look. Special attention was given to ensuring that users can easily recognize icons in a busy and chaotic environment.

Improvements were made across our four color themes: Colorful, Light, Gray, and Dark. Icons have been remastered to look great across all themes, and the consistency of dark themes has been improved application-wide.

The login window has been refreshed with a modern look that greets you.

The Dispatching view now shows more information at once. Improved docking controls allow you to see everything in one view, use a tabbed view, or move panels across multiple monitors.


New Installer and Updater

This quality-of-life update allows you to install new versions 2-3 times faster than before. More importantly, this installer does not require that the previous version be completely removed before installing the update. This means that shortcuts on your desktop or pinned to the taskbar or start menu stay right where you left them.


Advanced Address Lookup

OnTime can help you find and resolve hundreds of millions of locations around the globe. We've made several improvements to international address lookup and geocoding that now factor in business names, making the job of order entry faster than ever for your customer service representatives and dispatchers.


New Look for Order Entry

Subtle changes were made to the layout and design of the Order Entry view. A special effort was made to group information logically while making it easy to read, even at a glance. Data within text boxes and controls is easier to read, and important information is highlighted. Pricing and service level information are now grouped under a new Service Level group.


More Information

To see a comprehensive list of our new features and enhancements added in OnTime 6, check out the release notes page. If you have any questions about using these new features, feel free to contact the OnTime customer support department, where a friendly support representative will be happy to assist you.

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