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Importing Data into OnTime to Populate Information Fields

Your OnTime account is made up of a series of lists, which contain all of the data pertaining to your account. These lists are made up of records including your customers, zones, locations, and orders. You may import data into these lists to move bulk amounts of information into your OnTime account.

Map the appropriate fields from your document to the corresponding fields in OnTime to guarantee that information is populated where and how you want. Or, if you've already set up your fields appropriately, you may be able to right-click and use the OnTime’s Auto Map Fields function to quickly assign those fields correctly.

Custom fields may be created in OnTime to identify information that is important in your company, but not included in OnTime by default. Mapping your data to these custom fields with the import feature can help you to distribute your information easily and effectively, as you require. 


Excel and CSV file formats are compatible with OnTime’s Import Data feature.

With features such as bulk data import, we hope to improve your day-to-day efficiency from the very beginning of our relationship. Importing your data in bulk will allow you to move your information from ASNs (advance shipment notices) and other customer files into OnTime automatically, ensuring quick and effective account maintenance.

Start your fully loaded OnTime Trial today to begin testing this feature. Refer to the OnTime User Guide for detailed instructions regarding customer, zone, location, and order data import.

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