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Improvements to Data Import Efficiency

When using OnTime's import data feature, there has always been the need to map the OnTime fields to the corresponding columns in the Excel or CSV file being importing. A new feature has been added to simplify the process of mapping those fields.

In older versions of OnTime, the most recent mapping format would be used for each imported file. Every time that different files, formats, or column names were used, the fields would need to be re-mapped. This could become a time consuming process, especially for companies that routinely receive ASN (advance shipment notices) from their customers.

Now, OnTime users may create Custom Mapping Templates to efficiently import varying formats as often as necessary. Simply import a CSV or Excel file, map OnTime’s corresponding fields, and save that mapping format as a template. Each time that you import files with varying formats or column names, you will be able to use a template that you have previously created.

Delivery software custom mapping templates

To improve your overall efficiency with the import data’s new Custom Mapping Templates, download the latest version of the OnTime software.

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