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Provide Improved Online Customer Service with OnTime

Improve your customer service and satisfaction with OnTime's tools, such as the OnTime Customer Web Portal. Your company can make these improvements while saving time and resources by allowing customers to use your Customer Web Portal from any web browser.

From the OnTime Customer Web Portal, your customers can submit their own orders into your OnTime account. Real-time information about their orders, such as status, assigned driver, delivery time, recipient signature, and more can be viewed from the Web Portal’s tracking screen. Order histories can be found here, as well.

Customers may also generate their own shipping labels and other reports from your Web Portal. These reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or printed, as desired.

A personal address book is available to each of your customers from the OnTime Customer Web Portal. Each customer will only see the addresses that are associated with their account. Your dispatchers will be able to use OnTime Dispatch to view all addresses, for quick and easy order entry. Bulk addresses may be imported by your customers for quick address book population.

If your customers ever need assistance with your Customer Web Portal, we offer a user guide that will help them understand and use the tools provided.

Your OnTime Customer Web Portal, can be embedded into your company website and customized to match your brand and aesthetic, enhancing your customers’ online experience. The OnTime Customer Web Portal is included with Enterprise subscription plans and higher. Sign up for a trial account to test the Web Portal and its features now.

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