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How to Choose the Right Courier Software for Your Company

If you are considering purchasing courier software, you are likely looking for help to automate and improve your business. Choosing the wrong courier software could cost your company more time and money. Depending on how your business operates, different features, applications, and functions will need to be considered to make the best courier software choice for you. Be sure to consider each of the factors below before making a purchase.


The courier software that you purchase must be available and functional in your region. Additionally, if your business operates in areas with inconsistent internet connections, the software that you choose should have the ability to work online and offline.

Customer Support

Software with a knowledgeable and experienced customer support staff will help you to setup and use your account quickly and easily. Find out what level of customer support your courier software provides to be sure that you will have the assistance that you need.


The tools that your software offers to your employees and customers should be customizable to fit with your business’s operations and brand. Some software will allow you to change the appearance and style of reports, customer tools, and more.

If your company operates in a different area than your courier software, you will want to check that currency, time zones, and measurements will be adjusted for your region.

Who will need access to your account?

The number of users and the type of users that will be accessing your account will affect your courier software choice. Be sure that the software that you choose can handle your company size and offers individual tools for your administrators, drivers, and dispatchers. Interdepartmental communications should be facilitated by your software, as well.


Start-up costs and monthly costs should be considered when purchasing your courier software. Check that all the features and functions that you require are available at a price that suits you.


Your company and customer information must be stored securely by your software provider. Find out how your courier software stores this information and be sure to check the software’s security history before purchasing.

Level of Technology

The courier software that you choose must keep up-to-date with the latest technologies available. At the same time, the software should not require you to make new hardware purchases to keep your company up-to-date with the level of technology.

Compare OnTime’s applications, features, functionality, and cost with other courier software before you make your purchase.

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