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Improve Driver and Dispatcher Collaboration with OnTime

Your dispatchers and drivers can communicate better with one another and achieve better organization by using the OnTime Dispatch and OnTime Mobile applications. These applications work together to enable drivers and dispatchers to assign and deliver orders more efficiently. Tools such as user tracking, the unassigned queue, and messaging can help to facilitate better organization and communication in your company.

From within the OnTime Dispatch program, a range of driver information is available to help make quick and appropriate driver assignments. Your drivers’ last location can be viewed on a map, which is updated every 60 to 90 seconds. If your drivers do not have GPS-enabled mobile devices, their last location is also available from the Driver List.

Courier dispatch software driver list

Your drivers’ online or offline status will also be shown. A manager can set up occupied zones from OnTime Management Suite, which will allow dispatchers to reference drivers’ expected locations for the best assignments, any time.

Once an order assignment has been made by your dispatcher, the assigned driver can accept the order and view its' details from OnTime Mobile. Information about unassigned orders, current orders, order assignments, and more is available to your drivers from the mobile app, helping them to prepare for, collect, and make deliveries quickly.

If the appropriate notifications have been set up in OnTime Management Suite, your driver may receive an alert when they are assigned a new order. Dispatchers can also send one-time messages to drivers, informing them of order submission, updates with orders, or any other necessary information. These messages can be sent by SMS or email by right-clicking on the driver who should be messaged in the Driver List.

You can test OnTime Dispatch and OnTime Mobile with our 14 day trial version. If you are already an OnTime subscriber, you can download the applications here. Each user of your OnTime account may download and install the applications on every device that they use.

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