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8 New OnTime Tutorial Videos

We have added eight new video tutorials to our courier software support section. These videos make up four new sections of the tutorial video area: Installation, Reporting, API, and General.

OnTime delivery software video tutorials


Installing OnTime Applications for the First Time

Watch this video to learn how to download and install each OnTime application on the appropriate device.

Installing Updates

OnTime applications are always kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and user needs. This video will walk you through the process of updating your applications when new updates are available.


How to Modify Reports

This video will help you to better understand your reports in OnTime, and to learn how to customize those reports.

Generating a Report Database

This video shows how to generate report databases, which is necessary to create custom reports.


OnTime API Integration in Just 5 minutes

This video will introduce you to the OnTime API, and show you how to make use of it, in 5 minutes. If you wish to connect your OnTime account with third party software, this guide should be among your first resources.

Working with the OnTime API using Visual Studio

This video will help you to plan and execute your desired actions when using Microsoft’s Visual Studio with the OnTime API.


Importing Data

The Import Data feature allows you to input large amounts of information into your OnTime account, automatically. Many users find this feature quite helpful and make frequent use of it. This video will help you understand how to import your data quickly.

Changing your OnTime Subscription Plan

If you ever wish to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, you can follow the simple steps in this video to do so.

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