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Automation with OnTime - Part 2

Automation with OnTime

Did you find Part 1 helpful in automating your business? Continue reading to see two more ways that automation makes running your business easier.

Automating Routes

Each day dispatchers are faced with the same time-consuming task of assigning deliveries out to drivers. Setting up recurring routes that can be automatically sent to your driver's phone, on a schedule you design, puts your business into action within minutes each morning. OnTime includes mapping and routing services that enable managers to configure routes consisting of routine, scheduled collections. OnTime can also make suggestions for on-demand orders, showing you the most appropriate drivers, and even suggesting the fastest route for each delivery. Your dispatcher works hard to get every parcel to its destination within the agreed upon delivery window. Automation helps keep recurring and on-demand orders flowing smoothly and accurately.

Automating Notifications

In the delivery fulfillment industry, proof-of-delivery is a critical business requirement. Customers want to obtain instant status updates on their delivery: when the delivery occurred, who accepted it, and its condition at the time of delivery. Automatically triggered notifications when a driver updates the status of a delivery can provide this crucial information and give your customers the assurance they are looking for.

OnTime’s automated notifications and built-in messaging services allow you to keep customers up-to-date with the current status of their delivery via email, text, or push notification. As delivery drivers make changes to the status of each delivery in OnTime mobile, these changes will trigger your pre-made notifications to be delivered automatically to your customers.

OnTime is the only courier software system to offer this level of automation at this price point. We help you easily handle the increasing demands of your ever-growing, ever-changing delivery business.

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