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Dispatching from the Tracking View

As discussed in our last post, day-to-day organization within courier companies can be a challenge. To achieve the organization that your delivery business needs, dispatching must be seamlessly flexible and efficient. That efficiency and flexibility can be attained with the OnTime Tracking view’s customizations and functions.

Tracking view dispatching

By default, OnTime’s Tracking view displays all information pertaining to your orders. Because a lot of specific information needs to be accessed quickly when dispatching, customizations can be made to show what you need, when you need it. You can adjust which columns appear and group those columns from the Tracking view. Deeper customization can be achieved by using the Tracking view’s Quick Views and Advanced Search functions

An array of actions, including several dispatching actions, can be accessed and executed by right-clicking on any order in the Tracking view. Dispatching actions that are available from the Tracking view include driver assignments, route assignments, and order status changes. Other actions include CSV file exports, event triggers, report generation, and Tracking view adjustments. All of these actions are available in one view to optimize your day-to-day efficiency.

Tracking view courier dispatching

The Tracking view is available from both the OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch applications. Learn more about dispatching from the Tracking view in the OnTime User Guide, or signup for the OnTime trial version.

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