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Versatile Pricing with Price Modifier Groups

In courier businesses, prices often need to vary from shipment to shipment based on a variety of diverse factors. Seamlessly group your price modifiers in OnTime to automatically calculate your prices quickly and correctly, every time.

Grouping price modifiers allows you to make your pricing structure as complex as you need, while still providing a clean list of options for your customers. The highest, lowest, or summed value of a group of modifiers can be used to represent one charge in your prices. To create more advanced calculations, groups may be placed within groups.


A price modifier group can be made available as a single service level option in OnTime. Using your OnTime Customer Web Portal or the OnTime Dispatch application, your customers and dispatchers will be able to enter order information and select the appropriate service level. OnTime will use the order information entered with your price modifier groups to automatically calculate the accurate price.

To link the modifiers in your groups to a Price Set, only the group, not the individual price modifiers, must be linked. Additionally, when updating pricing based on one or a few factors, you only need to change the specific modifiers that contain those factors. All associated price modifier groups will be automatically updated accordingly by OnTime.

Create and maintain your versatile pricing structure using price modifier groups in OnTime. Learn how to create price modifier groups in our tutorial video, or find out more in the OnTime User Guide.

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