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Future of the Courier Industry: Customer Expectations

Future of the Courier Industry: Customer Expectations

In our fourth and final post about the future of the courier industry we look at growing customer expectations. See our previous posts about e-commerce and m-commerce growth, increased competition in last mile service, and new methods and experimentation.

Some delivery options, such as sameday delivery, have become expected by online shoppers. Conversely, 4-hour delivery windows are becoming less and less acceptable for today’s fast-paced consumer. Definite, reliable, and consistent delivery options and times will be a required staple in every successful courier company soon.

Capable delivery software can prepare a courier company with the tools needed to execute tighter deadlines and complex pricing. As expectations increase for services such as digital signature capture and real-time shipment tracking, these services will start to become a new baseline. Advanced courier software will enable transportation companies to provide these services without a significant increase in overhead.

With consumers becoming more informed, issues such as environmental responsibility and fair pricing must be addressed if a company hopes to be successful in current and future climates. Reduced packaging, low-emission vehicles, and localized products are some potential changes that will help to attract intelligent and responsible customers.

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  • Dan Weissmann

    1/19/2017 6:56:13 PM |

    I've worked with many courier software applications over on the past 35 years, all on multiple platforms. I have to say that Ontime360 offers one of the most flexible rating systems I've used. Kudos to the systems engineers at Vesigo.

    Dan Weissmann
    Fort Worth Couriers

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