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Future of the Courier Industry: Increased Competition in “Last Mile” Service

Increased competition in last mile delivery service

In our ongoing series about the future of the courier industry we take a look at how competition is shaping the last mile service market. If you missed it, our post last week focused on how e-commerce and m-commerce growth has affected courier companies.

Localized and regional courier services that provide inexpensive and efficient options are competing heavily among themselves for the last mile: the delivery to final recipients. Companies like Amazon, McDonald’s, and Starbucks are working with regional carriers in the US (Market Realist). Because the reputation of a company utilizing these types of courier services is affected by the courier’s performance, customer service and satisfaction is encouraging this increased competitive atmosphere.

With B2C deliveries expected to surpass B2B deliveries in Asia and North America by 2020 (Accenture), customer service is integral to the future success of any courier company. Regional courier companies who will excel in competing for their local last mile will focus primarily on establishing a reputation for excellent customer service and secondarily on developing relationships with corporate entities.

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