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Future-Proof Your Delivery Business with Integration Tools

Delivery company making use of an API integration

Delivery businesses face a tough decision. Do you choose an off-the-shelf software that’s easy to set up but is inflexible and has minimal features? Or do you pay a hefty price tag to hire a team of software developers to build a custom solution from scratch?

Small and medium sized courier businesses often don’t have the resources to create a custom solution, and the off-the-shelf software just doesn’t have everything they need.

But what if there was a third option?

OnTime 360 gives courier businesses the tools and customizability they need to compete with the biggest delivery companies in the world. Not only does OnTime have built-in support for many systems, but the software also offers customization tools such as an application programming interface (API) and a software development kit (SDK), to make almost any integration possible.

With the added flexibility of the API and SDK, you can make the software your own. Here are just a few of the possibilities opened up by OnTime’s development tools:

OnTime Development

OnTime API. Your software integration project might not be as expensive or difficult as you think.

Do your clients need software integration? With OnTime’s open API, you can share documents, automatic updates with order status, and more with your customers. Even if you don’t need a specific integration at the moment, it’s likely that you will at some point, and when that time comes, OnTime has got you covered.

The API also makes it possible to build custom functions with your OnTime account, including live-map tracking for customers, custom mobile apps, and website quoting tools.

OnTime SDK. The OnTime Extension SDK allows a developer to control many of the basic functions of an OnTime account. This makes it possible to control how data is read, created, and updated.

Using this approach, a programmer can easily extend the functionality of the OnTime desktop applications. For example, with the SDK, programmers can create hardware integrations, additional accounting software integrations, custom extensions, and more.

Our SDK is a lifesaver for software developers. It provides a collection of tools that enables your developers to build software applications faster and in a more standardized way.

OnTime Extensions

OnTime Extensions are a great way to customize and extend the functionality of OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch. These extensions are made available to anyone with an OnTime subscription. Here are some of the extensions:

Accounting extensions. Accounting systems require accurate and complete data. With OnTime's extensions for QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero, you can easily transfer customers, invoices, and payments from your OnTime account to the accounting software of your choice. This eliminates mistakes introduced by manual data uploads.

EDI extension. This extension allows users to import and export data, such as purchase orders and invoices, using EDI documents. Although EDI is one of the older document exchange methods, it’s still widely used in the supply chain industry, with somewhere between 59 and 85% of companies adopting the technology.

If you don’t use EDI right now, there’s a good chance one of your customers will in the future, and having access to an EDI extension might just win you a valuable contract.

Scan Barcode to Update Status extension. Update the status of an order by simply scanning a barcode. A wide variety of barcode scanning hardware is supported, both wired and wireless. This feature is especially useful for our users that do bulk sorting and processing.

If you don’t currently have a customer who needs an API or EDI integration, it's a good idea to be ready for one. And if you have a potential integration that you’d like to discuss, contact us to learn more about how these tools can help.

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