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How to Advertise Your Delivery Business

Customer signing for delivery from courier with uniform and brandFledgling startups and established enterprises conduct many operations differently from each other, but both types of companies require one thing to survive: customers. Without a connection to your audience, your business will be unable to grow or even operate. Advertising opportunities can provide that much needed connection to your audience in the short and long term and should not be overlooked. Below are some ways the team at OnTime 360 have found are effective in advertising your courier business.

Develop a consistent brand

Your brand is what will help people remember you and associate you with package delivery. The colors and logo that you choose to represent your business should be legible and help to consistently reinforce your brand. Including your logo on vehicles, uniforms, your website, and advertising materials will help to further integrate your brand and company with quality courier service.

Improve your online presence

The internet offers a number of inexpensive, highly effective methods for advertising your business and building your brand. Online classifieds, such as Craigslist (in the United States) and Kijiji (in Canada), are free to post on and, like your local media, can expose your brand to more potential customers. A website will allow you to reinforce your brand through design and list your services, prices, contact information, and hours of operation. With social media, you can keep in direct contact with your customers. Your promotions will even be included in their update feed.

Including more advanced online features can often draw new customers that require such technology from their couriers. For example, the OnTime Customer Web Portal can be used to draw customers interested in a self-service portal and improved regulatory compliance.

Garner referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of advertising. If you complete your deliveries on time and provide high quality service, your clients will likely mention you to friends or associates who would benefit from your services. To encourage referrals, offer a referral bonus program for existing clients and be sure to ask long-term customers if they do know people who regularly use or require a courier service such as yours.

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