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The Value of a Customer Web Portal

Self Service Customer Web PortalAccording to a 2012 study, a growing majority of customers prefer the option to serve themselves via a Customer Web Portal over calling into support lines; however, they are unlikely to use self-serve methods that are unreliable or unintuitive. With the OnTime Customer Web Portal, your customers will have access to the most efficient and effective online experience possible.

The OnTime Customer Web Portal can be linked to your website and designed to match, allowing your customers to find everything that they need, from order entry to tracking features, on your website. Through the OnTime Customer Web Portal, customers can track and place their own orders, update personal information, view order histories, and more. Because the Customer Web Portal is connected to your OnTime 360 account and data, your customers will enjoy an optimal online experience with accurate and up-to-date pricing and order options.

The OnTime Customer Web Portal has the advantage of being accessible to users operating in restricted environments that do not allow unsecured connections or installing untrusted applications. This helps your company service these important customers and take a big step toward improved regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA compliance.

Data, such as customer address and phone number, is included in your Customer Web Portal and can be updated by customers independently. This information will be available to you and your employees at any time, allowing you to track and view complete information on customers, including past notes, orders, and preferences.

As well as offering your customers the best possible self-serve experience, your OnTime Customer Web Portal also reduces incoming calls for support and order placement. This reduction in calls can lead to lower costs for you and more time for your employees. To encourage your customers to use your website and OnTime Customer Web Portal, add other incentives to visit, such as exclusive online ordering options.

Experience the OnTime Customer Web Portal for yourself by signing up for an OnTime 360 Enterprise account or trial account today.

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  • Akash ghosh

    7/24/2016 11:37:41 PM |

    I got lot of information from this topic. Thanks for the post

  • Rachel Smith

    3/1/2017 4:59:08 AM |

    Finally, everything boils down to whether or not your customers have a great experience. A portal where customers can themselves place and track orders and view order histories, etc. adds convenience for the company and the customers.

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