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Why Should You Use Courier Software?

increased quality - speed - efficiencyIf you are not currently using courier software, you are likely considering trying it and wondering what differences the technology could bring to your business. The team at OnTime 360 have worked with thousands of delivery businesses who have asked what courier software could bring to their organization. Here are some things we’ve seen courier companies benefit from time and time again, leading them to try courier software.

Improvements on overall efficiency

To be the best courier service, your dispatch, pickup, and delivery processes must be optimized to be as efficient as possible. The general positive effect that delivery management software solutions have on businesses’ efficiency makes seeking a solution a natural choice for those who wish to improve.

Delivery software allows your drivers to handle and use handheld mobile devices to collect and deliver information such as customer signatures when making a delivery. Because your drivers and customers no longer have to deal with reams of paperwork, delivery interactions are much faster. Additionally, all information input into your software solution will be automatically stored and available for later reference, bypassing a number of potential clerical issues.

Automate and improve certain aspects of customer service

Some courier software solutions come equipped with a web portal or application that can be used by your customers to access some of your services online, without ever having to talk to a customer service agent. The reduction of calls that you receive is one benefit to this option. Another is the freedom that your customers will be able to enjoy.

The self-serve option will allow your customers to place their own orders, track the progress of their orders, print and export data regarding their past and current orders, and access a variety of other information. Web portal options can be linked to your website, allowing you to put everything that your customers need in one place.

Communicate within your company more effectively

Some solutions will allow you to view your company data in real-time. This means that you can use the application to access up-to-the-minute information about orders, employees, customers, and pricing. With this option you and your employees will all be able view accurate and relevant information whenever necessary.

Notification and messaging options will allow you to keep in constant contact with your customers and employees. Notifications can be sent manually or customized to be sent automatically to drivers or customers when certain actions occur. Messaging can be used to keep drivers and dispatchers in direct contact with one another. Whenever an issue occurs, you can be sure that it will be addressed immediately and effectively based on your prerequisites within your system.

Greatly reduce clerical duties and human error

Like efficiency, a reduction in human error is inherent with an upgrade to a delivery management solution. You will be able to generate reports automatically by accessing data that is stored in different areas of your system. These reports can be sent via email to further reduce your use of paper and improve your impact on the environment. Automated actions, electronic storage and filing, and paperless options are some of the benefits you’ll see with the appropriate courier and dispatch software.

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