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Managing and Maintaining Your Fleet of Vehicles

Your fleet of vehicles is a large contributor to your courier business’s success. As a part of managing your business, OnTime helps you to schedule and track the maintenance of your vehicles. Better manage your company, employees, and vehicles by setting up your preferences ahead of time, then allowing OnTime to help automate your day-to-day.

Vehicle Types

Categorize the vehicles in your fleet by inputting custom Vehicle Types. When assigning orders, drivers can be organized based on the Vehicle Type that they are using. That vehicle can then be compared against the shipment’s specifications to ensure that requirements are met and the shipment is completed.


Maintenance Items

Maintenance items can be created and associated with vehicles to schedule preventative care, such as oil changes and tune ups. These items are scheduled and tracked based on the associated vehicle’s mileage since the last maintenance, time based since the last maintenance, or whichever comes first. Once maintenance has been performed on a vehicle, record that in OnTime to update that vehicle’s schedule.

Setting up maintenance items and schedules will allow OnTime to automatically help you to manage and schedule care for your fleet.


Vehicle Management and OnTime Mobile

When your drivers clock in using OnTime Mobile, they can enter their Vehicle Type and odometer reading on the resulting screen. You will be able to keep track of both vehicle and driver activity with more accuracy, as individual OnTime Mobile user mileage can be tracked. Additionally, your dispatchers can reference the Vehicle Type that a driver is using to ensure that shipments are properly assigned.


Get Started

Information about setting up and using OnTime’s Vehicle Management options can be found in Chapter Four of the OnTime User Guide. To get started, download the latest version of OnTime Management Suite and sign in with your account, or start your trial.

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