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Testing Customer Billing Cycle and Route Stop Schedules

Efficient and consistent timing is integral to your delivery business. Properly setting up schedules in OnTime delivery software can help to ensure the most potential efficiency and productivity possible for your company. Be sure to test all of your schedules in OnTime before implementing them to check that everything is working as expected.

Courier dispatch scheduling

Manual testing can be time consuming, which is why OnTime offers testing options for Customer Billing Cycle and Route Stop Schedules directly from the schedule setup screen of the OnTime Management Suite. This simple and straightforward method of testing can help you to ensure that your delivery business automatically runs how you intend.

OnTime schedule testing can be accessed from billing cycle and route stop schedule screens by pressing CTRL + ALT + T. You can enter specifics for your schedule test in the resulting window. Once your run your test, a list of dates will appear. These dates can then be compared against your intended results. If dates are not included and excluded as desired, you will need to adjust your schedule.

Delivery software test

This in-program testing method will allow you to verify your OnTime schedule accuracy in a few seconds instead of the hours, days, and weeks that manual testing can take. For detailed instructions regarding Customer Billing Cycle Schedule testing, see this article in the OnTime Knowledge Base. For instructions regarding Route Stop Schedule testing, see this article. To learn more about setting up schedules, check Chapter 4 of the OnTime User Guide.

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