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In-Program Troubleshooting Tools and Support

OnTime courier software works with you to maintain and manage your delivery company simply and automatically. Because your attention needs to be focused on your business, not troubleshooting, OnTime also helps to maintain and manage its own functionality using simple and automated methods.

Troubleshooting tools and support resources are available directly from the OnTime Management Suite and Dispatch applications to immediately address any issues that you may encounter. If you experience issues with new OnTime features or synchronization, Data File Management is available from within OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch.

Delivery software tools and support

If your network is causing issues with OnTime’s performance, the built-in network diagnostic tool is available. The source of the issue can be found by running this test, and Vesigo technical support can help you resolve the connectivity issues. Any other support resources that you may need are also available from the programs. Our support center, website, tutorial videos, contact pages, and more can be found in the Help tab.

Courier software tools and support

If you ever encounter an issue with OnTime, we’ll help you to rectify that issue as quickly as possible. See the Tips and Troubleshooting section of the OnTime Knowledge Base or Chapter 9 of the OnTime User Guide for step-by-step guides to help you quickly troubleshoot issues. If you require personal assistance, contact OnTime technical support.

Unlimited technical support is available to all OnTime subscribers. Our online support resources are available to all OnTime subscribers and trial users.

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