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Preview OnTime 5.0 Today

Vesigo Studios is excited to announce the release of OnTime version 5.0 into preview. Beginning September 30th, this latest version of OnTime Management Suite and OnTime Dispatch are available through our preview channel. Download and try the new features today!

After 10 months of research and development, the team at Vesigo is excited to release our most significant update in years. This release focused on substantial improvements to the fundamentals of performance and reliability. For example, the Tracking view is up to 80x faster than in previous versions. The programs are more responsive and efficient, especially for companies dealing with large volume.

You’ll also find a tremendous number of new additions that make working with your data faster and more flexible. Here’s a quick mention of some of the new features and enhancements you can start using today:

  • Record change history and auditing: Easily view past changes made to most records. History of changes made to a record can be accessed by selecting a record, right-clicking, and choosing “History” from within the context menu. Record history details the data changed, including the user that made the change, grouped by the timestamp of the change. Grouping can be changed to Property name by right-clicking within the list and choosing Group By > Property. History is available for the following records: users, locations, zones, price sets, customers, orders, invoices, payments, and vehicles.


  • New events and special fields within the Workflow Notification Designer: New events include an event for new orders created through the Customer Web Portal and an event for orders transferred between drivers. New special fields include a list of selected price modifiers associated with an order, user defined fields, and an order tracking link.


  • Powerful new lists to display data:
    • Advanced Search has a new home: The Filter Editor. This simplified view is easier to read and far more powerful. All features that were in the previous Advanced Search area are available in the new Filter Editor. Unlimited compound expressions make it possible to filter data to a very specific level. Then, as was possible in previous versions, these advanced searches can be saved for later use as a Quick View.
    • All new grid view for main lists within desktop applications. This new grid offers access to more data, streamlined data updates, and significantly improved performance.
    • New grid views support advanced filtering on any single column or combination of columns. Use compound expressions to filter data to a very specific level.
    • New Filter Row makes searching on any column quick and easy.
    • Grid view filtering that supports more than just “equals” comparison. Now use comparisons such as Equals, Does not equal, Contains, Does not contain, Is like, Is not like, Begins with, Ends with, Is greater than, Is greater than or equal to, Is less than, and Is less than or equal to.
    • Grid views now support a Best Fit auto sizing of columns.
    • Grid views now support sorting by more than one column. Right-click on a column header to choose sorting for a column and then repeat that step on each additional column for which sorting should be applied.
    • Grid views now support grouping by any column. Right-click on a column header to group by that column. Multiple columns may be used for grouping.
    • Advanced filtering through the Filter Editor window. Right-click a column header to open the Filter Editor. Within the Filter Editor, any combination of comparisons can be defined to filter data to a very specific level.


  • Enhanced tracking view performance: New option to automatically calculate an optimal number of orders to display within the Tracking view. This option is turned on by default. Previously, a default of the top 500 most recent orders would be displayed. With this version, the performance was improved to allow for the 80,000 most recent records to be displayed without system slow down. The number of records chosen does not affect searches or filters, which will always search across all available records.
  • API usage headers: The OnTime API now includes additional headers for rate limits. If rate limits are reached, the response headers will include rate limit information, such as the number of API transactions used, number of remaining transactions, when rate limits will be reset, and when to next retry.

We appreciate the feedback from our amazing customers who have helped shape OnTime into the premier courier software. There is much more to announce. We’ll be posting more information in the coming days and weeks. It’s a great time to be a user of OnTime!

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  • Jay

    2/20/2020 4:26:22 AM |


    I'm a UK based customer. I'm attempting to trial your software but I'm really struggling as I'm not tech savvy. Would it be possible for someone to call me anytime on 447511519923. I need some advise on the types of qualifications/skills a person would need to have in order to easily setup and manage this system for me.

    thanks for your time


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